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It was pre-dawn, and we had time to talk. Last night's fighting wasn't nearly as bad as I'd worried about. Chloe told us about how the gracknel's actions had helped by doing effective ash venting and other things to keep attackers from making it to the shrine. Eevolertu pointed out that there was the attack by the friendly-sakken against one of the winter shrines outside the valley.

Marguerite had had a vision, that included an old man and a fork in the path. One direction lead to a fiery volcano. The other branch led to Evolertu and others fighting on a snowy mountain. There was a third choice, the path behind the tree, and he showed Marguerite two nuts in his hands, then made them disappear. When she talked with Ofeshia about this, they thought it might be about the lord of secrets.

The time bearer's blessing could be put on up to 20 people, and last 3 days, providing cold resistance, and facilitates travel in the snow/other effects of winter. It would still be a hard day's travel, even if there's a way to put a light gourd onto the shrine from above.

Chloe said that Darren had told her that we should leave the valley by a day and a half after Darren left (ie by tomorrow sometime).

There was more planning talk about route (I asked Chloe if there were an easier route, and she drew a beautiful map, showing there was a way up the side of the valley that would be much easier), and who would go for the winter shrine, and so on).

I took a moment to assess how I was doing with reiteration. It was odd. I could hear Darren talking inside. I took a moment to listen, and the thoughts were about gracknel, production and such. I didn't stay listening long, and when I assessed after, it seemed to have decreased integration, but I thought that now that Chloe was out of the gracknel, we might need some connection to the gracknel at some point.

Chloe and Eevolertu went off to talk to people near the gracknel. I took the time to do my daily meditation before they showed up again.

A group of us went to the entrance to the caldera, where the TimeBearer was waiting for us. As we approached, we passed through a veil, and the natural sounds faded out. Eevolertu talked with her. The shrine from last night had a veil of swirling around, so it would be hard to attack from a distance. The containers of sunlight could remove the blessing, so fire arrows will be better. The blessing will allow us to get closer than normal, given the wind. If we lose the blessing within 30-40 yards of the shrine, we could be killed. Chloe remembered she had a bull's-eye lantern, and that could be useful.

We gathered, and there was a swirl, and we all looked like we had snowflakes all over us. We had a few words, and then she left.

I tested out how walking and running worked, and it felt normal, but I was on top of the snow, and I able to stop easily.

The sun was going to rise soon; I put my hood up to protect from the light. As we headed back, we stayed in the shade as much as possible. We went back to get oil, and borrow extra cloaks to put over our blessed ones, which helped a bit.
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