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We were holding the ritual, the bridge starts to connect, and the ritual veers just a bit off the intended distance. The other people helping are working harder than they can, really. The ritual was driven a bit by something else. The energy comes, and rebounds, and goes past to where the point of connection was. The others around were still singing the ever-so-off ritual, which is harmful to the people doing it. We decided it would be better to have people doing maintenance, calming them down from the intensity.

I told them I could help more if I could sleep for a bit.

A couple of hours later, Woveshancor woke me to tell me that there were collecting things out, and Chloe was going to go to the village to do... something. I went with them. Chloe played her flute some of the time. There were weird gracknel constructs. A couple of times Woveshancor kept me from walking into a tree; the gracknel was playing a very somnolent lullaby. I tried to keep myself awake by skipping, hopping, weaving around rocks, etc. When we got to the village, there were more gathering-constructs, working their way into houses to get at the Crages bodies within. I was torn: Crages tend to burn their bodies, and would hate to know that their dead were reused, but the gracknel did need more stuff. I could see both sides. Chloe stopped noodling around on her flute and started singing, which made the things stop for a moment. I joined her song. Chloe got them to follow. When she paused, it took about a minute until they 'woke up'. Chloe's plan was to gather the rest of the gatherers around the village, and bring them to the southeast where the slain walking dead were. We sang out way over. When we got there, there was another 3-pod creature with a staff for a head. It came over, though it tried to approach Chloe. I got between her and it, and block it trying to get at her, and we continued towards the walking dead. When we got there, they went over, even 3-pod, but after a while, it decided I was more interesting. I kept blocking the stick. Chloe came over and let it touch her with the stick, and soon after one of the ones collecting the walking dead came towards her. I quickly started up singing. It stopped, but remembered her if I paused. So I kept singing.

Eevolertu arrived, figured out the situation, left one of his guards with us, and headed back to the shrine. Slowly we worked our way over to the huge pile of dead, and process it quickly. The sleeping people were woken by the sounds of bodies being squished. When things fill, they meander back towards the gracknel. Unfortunately, there were two left that weren't filled. Eventually Chloe sang something else, and they meandered off.



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