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Evolertu rushed out to fight the sakken near the shrine area. I ran after him, and slashed at the odd sakken that had ice spears growing out of its back. There was a blast of awful cold from it. Quintillian attacked as well, then it picked her up and threw her. It rushed off, followed by Eevolertu and Woveshancor. I heard sounds that implied they got it, so I pulled Quintillian up, and asked her which direction. She pulled me farther out, then pointed out another of those sakken.

I attacked it, then she did, and we got a blast of the awful cold. We attacked again, then there was a whoosh of cold air past me. Basbran and Vahoogar arrived and attacked, taking it down.

I heard Eevolertu call to move away from the body that might explode. I found myself by an icy patch; I yelled back to the others not to come on the icy patch, which hadn't been there before, and had icy spikes. I came up to Quintillian, and saw what she'd noticed, a line of about eight walking dead drifting by. Woveshancor went to the last one, and the others started attacking as well, so I joined them, and got one out of commission.

I heard Eevolertu call from far off on the other side of the shrine that there were walking dead there. I hacked at one of the two left near me. Quintillian and Woveshancor headed back to camp. Once the rest of the dead were downed, the rest of us headed back to the shrine area. I heard Eevolertu yell again that there were walking dead.

We all met up again in the shrine area. Eevolertu said that the saken he'd taken down blew up when he put ash on it, and that caused the seeding of the winter shrine. I told the people holding the ritual, and for them, they've felt nothing pushing on the ritual. Oreshalore and Donjerwen went outt and came back from checking on the other sakken, which was still pulsing with cold even though it was just lying there. Eevolertu said that we should get fire onto it. They also reported that the ice spines seemed to be growing. Eevolertu said to cut them down by using a light of a gourd. Donjerwen went to put daylight onto the ice spines that were growing rather quickly. It didn't look like it did anything, but Ofeshia said that it was working, and it needed to cover every bit, because it would start to grow back if anything weren't covered. Ofeshia checked out the unexploded body. It was too far for a light gourd to reach, but an arrow dipped in light could. That made the body explode faster, causing a larger area of shrine that people started casting light across.



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