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There was some talk about what to do tonight. I said I'd go in a group lead by Eevolertu to fight later. Marguerite and Ofeshia went to make sure there weren't dead bodies that could be inhabited, and I held the ritual while they did.

Eevolertu and I did our daily practice, and when we were done, Ofeshia and Marguerite came back saying the gatherer was out, and they were afraid it would start bringing the dead of the valley in to use their parts.

Ofeshia reached out to talk to Chloe, but got Darren instead. In the course of conversation, she found out that there are a fair number of sakken around. She told Darren that any sakken inside the caldera could be collected.

I had a thought I mentioned to Eevolertu, that if we do the attack on the tower tomorrow, it could be helpful to use the gatherer to fight the sakken so it could gather them while we deal with the winter shrine.

There was more discussion of connecting our new shrine to the shrine network, which would require having 2 rituals going at once. But the growing could happen now.

There was red lightning off to one side. Not sure what that was.

I tried to sleep, and managed it for a bit, until there was extra ashfall. I woke up, and Eevolertu said he'd seen a sakken bearing ice, moving slowly nearby. I followed him out to find it.



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