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Marguerite woke me up in the late afternoon. We talked about me putting Swulanee's energies back in alignment with her body before she headed home. She was sleeping now, so we went to talk to Ofeshia before doing the healing.

Ofeshia said that she now knows about fixing the communication network temporarily. She said that the copper patterning on the ground I saw in the introduction of tree in dreamtime. If that can be made to touch the baby shrine, then there could be communication, though it's not good for the point of breaking through the skin of the shrine, as it were. If that connection to the gracknel communication system is made, it would be only a short distance to join to one of the other shrines in the network. Ofeshia said that the shrine needs to know itself, have a name, to stand for itself as the gracknel's energy can be overwhelming.

Ofeshia and Marguerite were going in to talk to the shrine. I fixed Swulanee's energies first, and she definitely felt better; she headed back home.

I held the ritual while Marguerite and Ofeshia went to talk to the tree shrine. I said that I'd touch Ofeshia if it got close to actual dark, since the sun was already lower than the level of the caldera.

There was some sound of popping, and wind, and the smell of sulfur, like when the ash venting happened yesterday. People stood, concerned that there was an attack. I reminded people that this was like the gracknel's ash system, just without ash, not like an attack, that likely wouldn't come until later.

Eevolertu returned. He said that there's a winter's shrine directly south on the caldera that he and Oreshalore attacked with fire. On their way back, they met with someone Marguerite knew, the time bearer who'd arranged our sakken travel. She was glad we weren't eaten. She had news: the big winter spirit is coming now, following the path of its towers. It will be in striking distance tomorrow night. There are three towers in striking distance of the caldera. One is huge, south of here. One is east and younger, and one is southeast and younger. The time bearer is going to attack all of these, but wasn't sure she had enough resources to attack all three before the spirit arrives. We could make an attack party for the one on the southeast, a 5-6 mile hike with a climb, then we destroy a tower and fight sakken. She would bless a bunch of us to endure the cold better, and the blessing lasts 3 days. She can cast it on 20 people. She's going to attack the big one tonight, and we can meet tomorrow morning. We discussed this, and realized that no hard decisions can be made until after tonight's battle. Eevolertu pointed out that anyone in a shrine-hunting party would have to know we were working with the Winter's King. I pointed out that this was restoring the balance, which Marguerite might be able to use to persuade people.

Ofeshia said that the shrine now has a name, Jereayesov. It's working on connecting to the gracknel, which is losing its mind and might blow up the volcano/valley if it's not connected soon. That connection could make it easier for the shrine and the gracknel to link to the shrine network. Having a peer group could help the gracknel, as well. It might help with it getting the resources it needs.



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