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At midday, I woke Ofeshia and Marguerite so they could lead the new shrine in connecting to the other linked shrines. We talked about connecting them, and I asked whether they intended to ask the tree shrine to do this on its own, or we were doing a ritual to help it. Marguerite and Ofeshia talked, and realized that we don't have enough power, unless the tree helps us project the whole way. I wondered whether we could make some map of how to go to the shrines at High Grove. There was the possibility of doing it in stages, rather than one energy leap. Marguerite and Ofeshia weren't sure how far it got in its attempt this morning.

They went in, and I could hear their speaking to each other. When it sounded like they were coming out of meeting the shrine, I reached out to hold Ofeshia's hand, to see whether I could project to her. I sent her a picture of the big tree shrine in the previous valley, and the little shrine we'd planted. She was able to see that, so there is a way to communicate between someone in the shrine space and someone out of shrine space.

I put my hand on the trunk of the shrine, it was much more like a person than a plant. It had flows of energy that reached out in all directions, past were I could perceive. I could only see part near me. There were flows of energy going in and out.

Ofeshia brought me into the shrine space to introduce me. It was disconcerting, like being in a dream that was unraveling, with an Elix in a flowered glade. Ofeshia sent pictures to introduce me, and it sent back pictures that included me. I sent a picture of me going over to put a hand on him. The shrine sent it back a couple of times, and Ofeshia clarified that it was now, not previously. I approached respectfully, and then touched. The energy flows were disassociated from the body, and I could see the flows and coils of the structure. It was engaged with another being, holding its hand. It was vigorous and youthful. It's growing at an unnatural pace. When I described this, Ofeshia wondered whether the other being

Most of the growth is reaching south, with one tendril of growth touching the entity I'd felt before. I couldn't tell how far things were, just direction. I was ready to come out of this confusing space, so I bowed my thanks, and Ofeshia brought us out. When I described the entity, Ofeshia said that the place to the south was the place of suns she'd mentioned before, that is a place of broken energies.

Marguerite took the ritual over from me while Ofeshia did some research on magic. I went to sleep, to recover focus from this encounter, and perhaps to get some new idea about how I could do something towards getting the shrines linked.



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