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I was holding the ritual while Ofeshia and Marguerite talked to the new tree shrine. It started glowing with a beautiful light, waking those who were asleep due to its brilliance. Interestingly, it was drawing energy in, and it was getting colder. Which is something I don't want to point out. Then the light changed, and the chill vanished. Eevolertu spoke to a bunch of the people around.

Ofeshia and Marguerite told me, Eevolertu, and Donjerwen what had happened with the new tree. They described how they suggested it reach farther out, but that it should grow until midday before reaching out that far. Eevolertu said that the locals are not doing well. They didn't fight in a unified way last night, and had more losses because of it. Eevolertu said that we need to give them a task that would pull them together. He thought building a big bonfire would be a good idea. Marguerite said that if they had a flask of light, that would help too. Ofeshia wondered if they should move towards the gracknel, with all the shaped houses there. I wasn't sure whether that would bring more fighting towards the gracknel, whether it would take focus from the gracknel doing something else. Eevolertu said that we should tell the locals that the ash is part of the gracknel's defensive system.

Ofeshia contacted Chloe. There was a kind of circular conversation about whether it was safe for people to move to outside the gracknel, and how they shouldn't be used for parts, and how the ash-venting system has to be turned off within a few days or everyone dies. And then there was something about Ofeshia going to be an engineer at the gracknel if they don't figure out the venting system in the next hour or so. Eevolertu asked whether dead fish could be used for parts. Darren said that they might be useful, so yes, they should bring the fish to the entrance to the gracknel.

Eevolertu took some people to Kenelu's hut. I continued to hold the ritual so Ofeshia and Marguerite could nap until midday. In between times, I thought about how to combine energies for Kenessho can help, but other people who don't have training can't do that. Some specialized warriors , foci, or blessed could help. Which cut down severely on how many people's energy could help. But! If the shrine connected to the other shrines, then it would be linked with the Crystal Shrine, which is a center of healing, and perhaps would be able to help in itself, through the shrine network, or somehow connect the foci at the Crystal Shrine to us. More to think about...
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