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I slept part of the morning away, and felt a lot better when I woke up, though I could still feel the touch of the piece of night on me. There was some food already made, including some fish stew. Basbran brought it around, saying that a lot of the fish in the pond died, first a big piece of ice landed in it, then it heated up too much, killing a lot of the fish, so people are cooking and drying them. A lot of villagers died, and the villagers are taking care of their dead. A lot of people were touched by the pieces of night. I started thinking about how I might be able to help heal more than one person at a time from the pieces of night, using mental energy from more of us to heal more of us at once, since otherwise it could take weeks to make sure everyone recovered. At least our group is used to pooling mental energies at this point, and Eevolertu knows Kenessho things. Still, it would take a lot of work to make this reasonable, and I have to think about how this could be possible.

Marguerite said that she and Ofeshia want to talk to the our new tree shrine in preparation to linking it to the other four shrines in our network, since our tree is already flourishing and healthy. Being with the network could provide more defense if attacked tonight, and also shore up the shrine before introducing it to the gracknel, which can be overwhelming. I wasn't sure how the link would happen, and neither were they. I knew that the Grey Lady did something, showing me a map she unrolled, showing me the links between the shrines.

I took over maintenance of the ritual while Ofeshia and Marguerite went to talk to our new tree shrine.

The gracknel's song sounded briefly, then faded away.
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