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I was out with Eevolertu and others at the huge mass of frozen dead that was moving towards the shrine. There were now-unfrozen dead climbing down on all sides, and I could hear sakken out past it. I was holding two torches, which wouldn't do much against the dead (and then be used up), and there were lots of pieces of night swooping around; I waited to see what would attack, which turned out to be on Eevolertu. There was a wave of cold from the mass, as Oreshalore swept the light back and forth. Eevolertu pried one loose that was still moving; I hit it until it was gone, then hit the one piece of night left nearby. Quintillian was on the mass, prying dead loose and stabbing into the hole. More night came in and attacked, and I ended up with one on me briefly, until Oreshalore blazed out some more light. Then there was one on Quintillian, which I got off. Eevolertu said something about the ash not being in the right place, and I said to try some other joint/node, handing him the bag of ash I had. Quintillian moved around and opened up the hole more so Eevolertu could stir the ash more. He stuck his arm in with his halberd, there was a flash, it fell over, and icy liquid came spilling out. Quintillian managed to leap off before it fell. We all got back, and went into the area of the shrine. Eevolertu had said there was a blessed sakken and two helpers out there, but none of us were strong enough at this point to do anything about it.

I started healing people, too physically tired to face more fighting if I didn't have to.



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