Feb. 20th, 2017

I was napping to recover from holding the ritual for so long, then woke up to a shrill whistling sound all around.

Swulanee was there, pierced by some kind of gracknel thorns that were hurting her. I looked at her energies, and could see the symbiosis, even with the thin connection, and how it was pulling threads of her energy structure out, like pulling her bones apart. Ofeshia was communicating with Chloe and Darren about me doing work on Swulanee, and apparently I'm a body worker.

They sent Eevolertu out with fish to the gracknel.

There was some talk about me becoming a Keeper, so I could touch the thorns in Swulanee. There was also the warning that touching them could go down a path that would lead to death.

I realized that Ofeshia might be able to help me with her energies to work on Swulanee; I was nervous about doing this very different thing with manipulating inner energies. I didn't want to start on Swulanee with working together, so I said we should figure out working together first. I put my hands on her to show her how it worked, then on me, to show her how it was in another person. And that seemed to work.

It was time for Ofeshia to let Chloe know that Eevolertu was by the front door with fish.

Then I talked to Swulanee, telling her what I wanted to try. She was having a hard time focusing due to pain. Then I tried to see what was going on. There were lots of little tendrils pulling her apart. I thought about possibly pulling her energies just a bit to one side as a stop-gap. I told Ofeshia, and she said to go for it. I did, and it was really difficult, but it worked. A minute later, the thorns chirped, and dropped off Swulanee's body. A minute later they started chirping.

Ofeshia contacted Chloe, and found out that the chirping would get a gathering coming to get them. She asked Quintillian to escort her in dropping the thorns off near the gracknel, so the gatherers wouldn't come to this shrine.

I went to sleep to recover from this healing.



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