Sep. 12th, 2016

Ofeshia and I tried to have a meeting of the minds. We held hands, and she did something. I tried reaching out, focusing my mind with meditation. I can't get words or impressions, just some sense of feelings. I said that seemed to work, and Ofeshia agreed, though she'd thought she got Darren at first. She suggested we try me sending to her. I thought about which skills might be useful to Darern, and not too complicated, deciding on dodge. She seemed to get it, though she had to concentrate on it. She said she'd let me know what Darren might need. She reached out to Darren, and too much energy rushed towards him. She tried again, then said she had to disconnect from me to connect with him. Once she did, she told me he needed information about healing things, so I sent him the idea of healing and surgical healing. Some energy came back, and somehow I was now in Darren's body in the gracknel. I was bleeding out.

I quickly bandaged Darren's body, and looked around. I was in a barricaded corner, and I could hear crashing noises in the distance. It looked like I was above ground in the gracknel. I noticed there was a chirping sound that seemed directional. I reached out to that place, and it felt like the wood was moving under my hand. I wasn't sure what to do, other than calming would be good, so I started the lullaby that I sang before, when the engineer window opened in the gracknel. There was a surge of what I thought might be sap, which caused creaking in woody and metal ways. I was concerned about it flooding somehow. I felt a presence surging towards me. I was picked up in a huge hand, of a being with leaf-strewn antlers and a face of stars and such. It said that I was Darren and not Darren; I was in the wrong box (saying it in a Kafke child's sort of voice). I agreed. It put me in another place, and that wasn't right either. It flicked me through a couple of boxes, and when I was not in Darren's body, I felt like myself, but then I was in his/my body. [some things i might be missing due to computer crash.] It showed me something like a detailed memory, and the part of it I could catch was about some amazingly skilled Kenessho fighting some insectoid things coming out of the roots of the gracknel. I said that I wasn't yet at that level of skill. Later there was another memory, of being in class, learning something I haven't learned yet, all kinds of things I haven't learned yet. Which was odd.
It reached another hand with lots of tools at me, which was scary. It said that I was not quite right. It wanted me to do things with parts, and I suggested I could do things to help people get fixed, rather than become parts. And then I was pushed out next to a person who was severely injured. I bandaged the fighter, and I was moved to another one.

I bandaged the fighter, then I got pulled to another one, and started bandaging him. When I looked over my right shoulder, I seemed to know that path. I wondered if it was Darren-knowledge, but when I thought, it was from a male Kafke, an odd memory pulling at me. I pulled myself back to the bandaging, then I felt a connection, and a voice said that Darren and the Darren was one again. I can feel the connection re-established. I was torn; I could keep bandaging people. I heard Ofeshia call my name in my mind. I thought back at her. She and Marguerite and Darren-me were at the other end. We talked, and I said that I was bandaging people who were severely injured, so a lot of me wanted to stay being useful, then come back later. The bridge broke last time when the switch happened.

Each time I got pulled through, I was left with a bit of memory that distracted me, then I wasn't able to remember what it was, then had to pull myself back to what I was doing. The presence of the gracknel was always nearby. I sort of hoped that the gracknel was learning a bit about healing people, instead of making them into parts that it couldn't use. And as I followed that thought, and somehow the gracknel tried to feel through me, but it couldn't understand itself, filled with gibberish in the core. And I came to myself to find that I'd been with this person for a quarter of an hour. I decided to narrate what I was doing, both to hopefully help the gracknel, and keep myself focused. When I finished, I heard crackling and such sounds coming my way, with the thought that it was coming to see me, though not in an aggressive way, even though I think it might be the thing everyone is fighting. The gracknel hadn't moved me to the next injured person, so I thought I was supposed to be there. I could hear its thought, coming to see me. I thought at it, asking what it wanted, and it sent me a list of a zillion parts I didn't understand, some of which might be bits of me. Which I didn't like. I pointed at the dead people in my brain, and it seemed to take that for a moment, then refocused on me. Time to go, up. A keeper met me, and did something to make a barrier behind me. She told me to go, and we went. She did that again, and asked if I was the one it was looking for. I said yes, and she told me to break the connection. I didn't know how, which confused her, and she did something that was a little like manipulate inner energies, but hurt. And then it was done. She said we should separate, and she headed around one way, and she pointed me across an arching pathway across the middle. I saw a huge centipede-like thing that had been looking for me, metal pieces and 6 antennae with tools. Beautiful, but I think it wasn't make quite right. The gracknel reached out, and I started fixing the body. It addressed me as Damarisol, which surprised me. It said that Damarisol and Darren were different. I agreed, saying "mostly". And it started thinking, and there was some music that I liked. It came back to itself, saying there was something here. And it seemed to drift away from here. Which meant that it didn't whisk me to another person, and I realized that Darren's body was exhausted. I wanted to sleep, but was nervous about doing that here, so decided to meditate to recover.

About 15 minutes later, Ofeshia opened the mental link. She asked where I was, and I described where I was. They have some plan to trap the thing, and want me to get close to the entrance to let them in / switch back. I headed that way, keeping an ear out for clacking sounds. It was really hard to keep focus as I walked; there were so many tasks I could do. It felt like I shouldn't stay in the trees too long.... When I got to the entrance, it was filled with teeth in all directions, made of the material that slightly dissolves people. I let them know I was there. We all reached out, and Darren and I switched again. It felt good to be back in my body.
I was back in my body, and we went back to the tree shrine while Eevolertu and another fighter went in to join Darren in the gracknel. It had been a nerve-wracking couple of hours, so I took some time to calm down and meditate a little to regain composure.

Eevolertu and the others came back looking smoky but ok, saying that the creature was dealt with. They'd set traps and threw things at it, including a wineskin, which was apparently really helpful, and Darren got it to be absorbed into the gracknel, with fire somehow. He also got a map of the gracknel in his head from Darren. Darren was unconscious, and left with a healer in the gracknel. Though she seemed distracted, although she did let them out through the teeth door.

It was almost time that Darren had said the gracknel wouldn't be able to hold off winter, so we got ready to start lights, both the fires and some of the magic lights near the tree shrine.

Not long after, the sky started being seriously odd, with parts darkening, and it starting to taste of winter. People got ready, with weapons, winter clothes.

There was a huge dark shape against the dark sky, drifting slowly, scouting, well above the caldera or our ability to shoot. A while later, there were a bunch of things coming out of it, like a lot of pieces of night. I called out "pieces of night! torches!" Ofeshia started her magic protections. We heard shouts out in the valley. The song of the gracknel went lower, and more even, maybe like it was in a better place because it had something clear to do (outside it's internal disarray).

We heard more shouts from the valley, then the first attacks came towards us. I waved a torch whenever one seemed in range, but they mostly stayed out of reach.

Then a flock or column of night pieces came up the path.



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